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Description of the preparation:

If you cooked dishes using only yolks and you still have squirrels that you don’t know where to add, bake an exquisite French dessert called Dacoise, which doesn’t have a gram of flour, instead of it nuts – almonds or hazelnuts. It turns out spectacularly and very tasty, a step-by-step recipe tells how to cook it.

The main ingredient:
Nuts / Eggs
Bakery products / Pies / Sweet
Kitchen Geography:
French / European

Prepare the ingredients.

Dacoise - photo step 2

Put hazelnuts on foil or baking paper, preheat the oven 150 degrees and place nuts in it for 10 minutes.

Dacoise - photo step 3

Pour more hot nuts on a waffle towel, grab the edges of the towel into a knot and grind the nuts together to separate the husk. If nuts are peeled 70%, this is the norm.

Dacoise - photo step 4

Fold the nuts in a blender and grind them into crumbs, try to prevent the nuts from clumping and giving away butter, you need small crumbs, almost flour.

Dacoise - photo step 5

Fold 135 grams of nuts in a blender and grind them into crumbs, try so that the nuts do not stray into a lump and do not give oil, you need small crumbs, almost flour.

Dacoise - photo step 6

Add 100 grams of powdered sugar to the nuts and mix.

Dacoise - photo step 7

Sift a mixture of nuts and powdered sugar into a bowl to knead the dough.

Dacoise - photo step 8

Separate the whites of 5 eggs, whisk them with sugar until foam.

Dacoise - photo step 9

Pour the nut mixture to the proteins.

Dacoise - photo step 10

Gently mix the walnut dough, trying to maintain the lush protein structure.

Dacoise - photo step 11

Cover the baking sheet with baking paper, draw the outline of your baking paper on it, I had four circles the size of a tea saucer. Transfer the dough into a pastry bag with a nozzle with a diameter of 12 mm and put the dough on the applied stencil with a snake. Bake for 35 minutes at 170 degrees.

Dacoise - photo step 12

While the dacoise is baking, prepare a mixture of 80 grams of nuts, crushed into not too small crumbs and 50 grams of icing sugar.

Dacoise - photo step 13

Sprinkle baked cakes with a mixture of powdered sugar and nuts. On this we can assume that the dacoise is ready. Carefully remove the cakes from the sheet. If you do not plan to use them immediately, you can wrap it in a plastic wrap.

Dacoise - photo step 14

If you decide to make a dessert on the basis of "dacoise", decorate it with whipped cream or any other cream, fruit and berries.

Dacoise - photo step 15

Lay the second cake on top and repeat the decor, sprinkle the nut mixture on top. The result was an unusually delicious and delicate dessert.

Dacoise - photo step 16

Such a dessert is unusually good with coffee!

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