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Soaked grapes with mustard – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

Soaked grapes are a great addition to meat: pork, lamb, etc. The appetizer is stored in jars or containers after fermentation for 3-4 months, but always in the cold, otherwise it can become acidic. Harvest both grape varieties at once so that the appetizer has a more attractive and appetizing appearance.

The main ingredient:
Grape / Berries

Prepare the indicated ingredients.

Soaked Grapes with Mustard - Step 2 Photo

Wash grapes of both varieties in water, tear off the berries from the brushes and pour them into a deep container: a bowl or container, but not metal.

Soaked Grapes with Mustard - Step 3 Photo

Pour salt and dry mustard seeds into the bowl. Do not use mustard in banks – vinegar is present in it.

Soaked Grapes with Mustard - Step 4 Photo

Pour in cold water and stir the contents of the container, dissolving the salt. You can pre-dissolve the salt in water and pour grapes and mustard with the prepared brine.

Soaked Grapes with Mustard - Step 5 Photo

Cover the berries with a saucer or a smaller lid, put oppression on it. Leave the grapes for about 1.5 weeks in a not too warm, dark place. Stir the contents of the container from time to time so that it does not become acidic.

Soaked Grapes with Mustard - Step 6 Photo

After the specified time, the soaked grapes will be ready.

Soaked Grapes with Mustard - Step 7 Photo

Put the grapes in a bowl or bowl, drain the brine, serve it to the table with meat, fish, and offal snacks.

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