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Red broth – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of preparation:

Preparing red broth is very simple, step-by-step recommendations for the recipe will help you do this.

For lunch
The main ingredient:
Meat / Beef
Soups / Broths

Prepare the ingredients for cooking the broth.

Red Bouillon - photo step 2

Pour the vegetable oil into the pan, warm it up properly and put the meat for roasting. Fry until golden brown under the lid.

Red Bouillon - photo step 3

While the meat is being fried, peel and cut the vegetables into large pieces.

Red broth - photo step 4

Transfer the fried meat to a pan.

Red Bouillon - photo step 5

Fry vegetables in the same pan until browned.

Red broth - photo step 6

Transfer the fried vegetables to the meat.

Red Bouillon - photo step 7

Pour boiling water into the pan and fill the resulting broth with meat and vegetables. Put the pan on the fire, cook on low heat, removing the foam, with the lid ajar. Toward the end of cooking, put pepper, bay leaf, salt to taste.

Red broth - photo step 8

Cook the broth until the meat begins to lag behind the bones.

Red broth - photo step 9

Cut the boiled meat into small pieces.

Red Bouillon - photo step 10

Strain the broth.

Red Bouillon - photo step 11

Red broth can be served as an independent dish by adding greens, quail or boiled chicken eggs. This is a very tasty and healthy dish. Enjoy your meal!

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