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A cupcake is a sweet confection that goes very well with morning coffee or tea. This is a soft, airy pastry – one of the most popular and beloved, both among adults and among children.

You can, of course, buy muffins in the store, but, you see, it is much more pleasant to eat homemade cakes! You can adapt the taste of products, adding to them if desired, raisins, nuts, poppy seeds or candied fruits.

1.Cake with raisins
To make a cake with raisins and orange juice you will need:
100 ml orange juice
150-200 gr. raisins
100ml mineral water
200 gr. vegetable oil
single orange peel
40-50 ml. brandy or cognac
Teaspoon cinnamon
450-500 gr. flour
100-150 gr. walnuts
200 gr. Sahara
Half a spoon of ground cloves
1 tbsp. soda

Cake with raisins and orange juice
In the thoroughly washed raisins pour brandy. And leave for about twenty minutes. Mix the cooked orange juice with the orange zest. Add an ode and then pour in mineral water. Chop walnuts.
Mix the flour with the sifted through a fine sieve, cloves and cinnamon. Separately, beat the sugar with vegetable oil, then pour orange juice with mineral water into the mass. Then add the prepared raisins and nuts. Mix everything thoroughly.
In order to knead the dough, add flour mixed with spices. Put the finished dough into a greased form and bake for about an hour in an oven heated to 180 degrees.
Check whether your cupcake is ready, you can use a wooden stick. If the cupcake is raw inside, cover it with foil and bake until cooked.

2. Chocolate cake with raisins

Chocolate cake with raisins is quite simple in composition, but despite this, it turns out to be very tender and tasty.

To make a chocolate and raisin cake, you will need:
vanilla sugar
4 tbsp. cocoa
0.5 – 1 tbsp. any nuts
4 eggs
0.5 – 1 cup raisins
0.5 tbsp. of milk
Teaspoon baking powder
200 gr. margarine or butter
0.500 gr. flour
1.5 Art. Sahara

Chocolate cupcake with raisin recipe:
In a saucepan, prepare a mixture of milk and sugar, when the sugar has melted add cocoa. Mix everything thoroughly, but do not bring to a boil.
Then add the butter and then bring the mixture to a boil. After the mixture is completely cool, add in it beaten eggs and flour, previously mixed with baking powder, mix thoroughly again.
For the flavor, put vanilla sugar, nuts and washed, dry raisins into the dough. Bake the dough for about an hour in a greased form, at a temperature of 200 degrees.
Glaze before serving.

3. Fasting raisin cake

Lenten cupcake with raisins on apple broth, suitable for those who care about their weight.

To make a lean cupcake with raisins on apple broth you will need:
Half a glass of raisins
100 ml. vegetable oil
Glass of apple broth
Half a cup of walnuts
160 gr. Sahara
Teaspoon ground cinnamon
Teaspoon baking powder
280 gr. flour

Recipe for making a lean cupcake with raisins on apple broth
To begin with, prepare an apple broth from one apple, cut into 4 pieces, 400 gr. water and 1 tbsp. Sahara. After the broth boils, reduce the heat and boil for about 5 minutes. Remove the apples from the ready-made cooled broth, pour the broth into the bowl.
Then add salt and dissolve sugar in it. Pour in the same and vegetable oil. Mix everything thoroughly and add the flour mixed with baking powder and knead the dough. It should turn out like thick sour cream.
To the finished dough, add chopped walnuts and washed raisins. Bake at 180 degrees for about 50 minutes. Cupcake before serving can be decorated with powdered sugar

4. Marble cake with raisins

The Marble cake with raisin will surprise your guests with its original look and will delight you with its tender unforgettable taste.

To make a marble cake with raisins you will need:
250 gr. butter
Some salt
3 tbsp. starch
2-3 tablespoons cocoa
125 gr. raisins
2.5 cups flour
250 gr. Sahara
Half a cup of milk
Tablespoon of vanilla sugar
2-3 tsp baking powder
4 eggs

Recipe for making a marble cake with raisins:
Oil carefully rub with sugar. Then add the eggs and vanilla sugar.
Gradually add flour mixed with baking powder, salt and starch to the mixture.
Pour the milk into the mixture, add the raisins, and knead the dough.
Dividing the dough into two parts, add cocoa into one. In a baking dish, lay out the first dough with light dough, and then dark.
Take a fork and to get a marble pattern, gently spend on the dough, as if mixing its layers. Bake a cupcake for about an hour at 180 degrees.
Before serving, pour the cupcake with melted hot chocolate.

5. Raisin cake with raisins

Cake "Raisin" – another recipe for inexpensive and fast baking, with a delicate and pleasant taste.

To make a raisin cake, you will need:
powdered sugar
1 tbsp. cognac
1.5 cups of raisins
4 eggs
1,5 glass of sugar
2 cup of kefir
1 bag of baking powder
250 g margarine
1 tbsp. l lemon peel
3 cups flour

Recipe for the raisin cupcake:
Beat the egg whites thoroughly into the foam with sugar, add the yolks, pre-melted warm margarine. Stir. Then pour kefir into the mixture and add the flour mixed with the baking powder.
Knead the dough like pancakes. Stir and gradually pour brandy, add raisins and lemon zest. In the buttered molds, lay out the dough for about 2/3 of the molds.
Bake cupcakes at 200 degrees.

We are sure that all your efforts will not be in vain, and soon you will again turn to our recipes to please the family with delicious raisin cupcakes!


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