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Hot pepper in oil – a step by step recipe with a photo on

Description of the preparation:

For those who like spicy and tasteful supplements, I advise you to prepare hot pepper in oil for the winter. Preservation can be opened at any time of the year and stored open in the refrigerator – this will not change its taste. Serve it with baked meat, barbecue or first courses.

The main ingredient:
Vegetables / Hot peppers / Vegetable oil
Blanks / Preservation

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Use jars with a volume of 200 ml., Since snacks are not eaten at a time – it is very bitter.

Hot pepper in oil - photo step 2

Rinse the pepper gently in water and cut it into slices with a sharp knife. Be sure to use gloves, otherwise you risk getting a burn on your skin. Act very carefully, trying not to inhale, so as not to get a mucous burn.

Hot pepper in oil - photo step 3

Put the hot pepper slices in a 0.2-liter jar, trying to fill it as densely as possible.

Hot pepper in oil - photo step 4

Add salt and peppercorns to black pepper. You can add dried rosemary or thyme if desired.

Hot pepper in oil - photo step 5

Pour the vegetable oil into the pan and heat to a boil. Pour the contents of the jar to the top with hot oil.

Hot pepper in oil - photo step 6

Scald the lid with boiling water and carefully tighten the jar along the thread. Allow the workpiece to cool and then transfer to a cold place. Shelf life of conservation – 6 months.

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