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Diet Pie with Cabbage – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of preparation:

Cabbage itself is a healthy dietary product rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. The high calorie content of cabbage baking is determined by white flour, a large number of eggs, sugar and animal or vegetable fats. I’ll tell you how to cook a diet pie with cabbage, which will not only please your taste, but also will not harm the figure. Budget, simple and certainly delicious pastries! Take note of the recipe!

For lunch / For dinner
The main ingredient:
Vegetables / Cabbage
Bakery products / Pies
Diet food

Prepare all the ingredients.

Diet Pie with Cabbage - Step 2 Photo

Chop the cabbage finely. Dice the onion. In a frying pan in vegetable oil, first fry the onions, then add the cabbage and simmer all together until tender. At the end, add salt and ground pepper to taste.

Diet Pie with Cabbage - Step 3 Photo

Beat an egg with 0.5 tsp in a deep bowl. salt.

Diet Pie with Cabbage - Step 4 Photo

Add kefir.

Diet Pie with Cabbage - Step 5 Photo

Pour flour and soda.

Diet Pie with Cabbage - Step 6 Photo

Stir the dough until smooth. If the dough is thick, add a little kefir, if liquid, then a little flour. The consistency of the dough should be like a pancake.

Diet Pie with Cabbage - Step 7 Photo

Cover the baking dish with parchment, grease with oil, sprinkle the bottom and sides with semolina. The size of the form is 18 cm in diameter, for a larger form, increase the ingredients proportionally. Pour about half of the dough and smooth it with a spatula.

Diet Pie with Cabbage - Step 8 Photo

Spread cabbage filling evenly on top.

Diet Pie with Cabbage - Step 9 Photo

Pour the cabbage with the rest of the dough and sprinkle sesame seeds on top, if desired. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes.

Diet Pie with Cabbage - Step 10 Photo

Diet cabbage pie is ready.

Diet Pie with Cabbage - Step 11 Photo

Let it cool slightly, cut into portions and serve. The cake is tasty both in the warm and in the cooled form. Enjoy your meal!

Important! The video may differ from the text version of the recipe!

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