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Cucumber lemonade with lime – a step-by-step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

Cucumbers give the lemonade a refreshing spring flavor, so feel free to add these vegetables when preparing the drink, not forgetting to taste them. Even one bitter cucumber can spoil the taste of the whole drink! Especially relevant when serving lemonade is ice on a hot summer day.

The main ingredient:
Vegetables / Cucumber / Fruits / Lime
Beverages / Lemonade

Prepare the ingredients. Refrigerate the water in advance. Mineral can be used with or without gas, filtered.

Cucumber Lemonade with Lime - Step 2 Photo

Rinse cucumbers in water, cut ponytails from vegetables. Cut them into circles or slices and pour into a jug. If the vegetables are of late varieties, then be sure to taste them, cut off the peel and seeds.

Cucumber Lemonade with Lime - Step 3 Photo

Cut the lime and lemon quarters in half to get the quarters. Cut some of them into slices and pour the slices into a jug. And from the second part, squeeze the juice into a container.

Cucumber Lemonade with Lime - Step 4 Photo

Add granulated sugar or replace it with honey to taste if you are not allergic to such a sweetener.

Cucumber Lemonade with Lime - Step 5 Photo

Pour in chilled mineral water and mix thoroughly to dissolve the sugar. Add ice to the jug and serve cucumber lemonade to the table on a hot day!

Cucumber Lemonade with Lime - Step 6 Photo

Pour the drink into glasses or cups.

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