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Cocktail "Cuba Libre" – a step by step recipe with photos on

Description of the preparation:

Cocktail "Cuba Libre" can be prepared in 2-3 minutes in the presence of all the necessary ingredients. Cool rum, Coca-Cola in advance, and also prepare ice – it will take a lot. If you like the drink, you can buy cola and rum to keep them in the refrigerator and make a cocktail at least every night for your friends and family!

To the festive table / Reception
The main ingredient:
Fruits / Lime
Beverages / Cocktails / Alcoholic

Prepare the indicated ingredients. Use golden rum, but for lack of such alcohol you can also get silver. The main thing is to buy high-quality alcohol.


Put 5-6 pieces of ice in glasses in each container. Pour in chilled golden rum. The ratio of alcohol to Coca-Cola should be 1: 2, so the rum should be chilled, otherwise the ice will begin to melt quickly and the ratio of the cocktail will be violated.


Pour chilled Coca-Cola into glasses.


Complete the cocktail with lime slices, squeezing the juice from them into glasses. Immediately serve cocktails for tasting, especially in the hot summer, before the ice has melted. Equip them with tubes, straws and umbrellas, if desired.

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