Chinese New Year 2021

Azu in Tatar

– 500 gr meat
– 1-2 pcs onion bulb
– 1-2 pickled cucumbers
– 6-8 potatoes
– 1-2 cloves of garlic
– 1-2 tbsp. spoons of tomato paste or ketchup
– Bay leaf
– salt
– pepper

1. Rinse the meat, cut into strips and lightly fry in a cauldron in hot vegetable oil.
2. Add onion chopped into thin half rings and fry the meat with onions until onions are soft.
3. Add tomato paste, finely chopped or grated cucumbers and a little water or broth and simmer under the lid until the meat is cooked.
4. In a separate pan fry chopped potatoes.
5. When the potato is almost ready, transfer it to the cauldron with stew, add salt, pepper, bay leaf and the garlic squeezed or chopped garlic.
6. Gently mix and simmer the potatoes with meat until tender.
Enjoy your meal!

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