Chinese New Year 2021

Very, very simple, but incredibly delicious salad "French" 👍

I love this salad for the fact that it is cooked easily, simply and from the most affordable products that are always at hand, plus very useful! I make this salad in 15 minutes. Having prepared all the ingredients, I rub them one by one on the grater, right into the salad bowl. It turns out quickly and very tasty.

We need:
2 apples
4 boiled eggs
2 fresh carrots

1 layer – scalded onions (I make without onions), mayonnaise
2 layer – 1 apple, grate, grease with mayonnaise
3 layer – 2 eggs, grate, grease with mayonnaise
4 layer – 1 carrot, grate, mayonnaise
5 layer – cheese, grate on a fine grater.
Repeat layers: 1 apple, 2 eggs, 1 carrot, cheese.

Categories:   Main Dish