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Truffles with figs "Paradise seduction"

– 200-250 grams of dried figs
– chocolate bar
– 1 tbsp. spoon of butter
– Walnut
– Cocoa

1. Soak figs for a long time in boiling water, then cool (can be dried with a paper towel).
2. In a water bath (or in the microwave) to melt the chocolate (preferably dark), you can add a little butter.
3. In figs on the "ass" (there you can see where the ass is!) We make a cut crosswise and stuff the figs with coarsely ground walnuts, create the shape of truffles, figs soft and obedient in our hands, then dip them in warm chocolate, carefully remove them, lay on the grid.
4. When the chocolate starts to harden, you can roll in cocoa and decorate with nuts. Then for several hours to put in the refrigerator.
Please yourself, treat your friends!

Enjoy your meal!

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