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Tips for housewives to cook delicious potatoes:

1. Boiled potatoes will be tastier if you add 3-4 cloves of garlic, an onion or a little dill into the water.

2. Potatoes cook faster if you add a spoonful of margarine to the water.

3. To prevent blue spots from appearing on old potatoes during cooking, add a little vinegar to the water.

4. New potatoes are easy to clean if you first immerse it in cold water.

5. Potatoes are fried on a pre-heated pan and high heat, then it is reduced. Potatoes can be dried before frying, then it is better to brown.

6. Only hot milk is added to mashed potatoes, if
pour cold, then mashed potatoes will get a blue tint.

7. Peeled potatoes should be used immediately until they are dark. If you need to clean the potatoes in advance, tie it in a cooking film and tie it tight.

8. Frozen potatoes need to be immersed for a minute in cold water, and then cook in boiling water, adding 1 tsp. salt and vinegar.

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