Chinese New Year 2021

The original and delicious cake "Tropikanka"



Water – 1 glass of water
Flour – 1 cup
Butter – 100 g
Egg – 4 pcs.
Salt – Pinch


Eggs – 2 pcs.
Sugar – 150 g
Starch – 5 tbsp.
Milk – 350 ml
Butter – 300 g (room temperature)
Vanilla sugar – 1 bag


The main thing on paper is to draw the outlines of the future cake so that all the cakes we have are equally sized. I have 25×18.
First put the choux pastry on the contour. Nozzle with a round hole.
Then strips along (I drew the inner strips, but, as it turned out, they were too frequent for me, so I drew it by eye already)
Then strips across.
Bake in preheated oven to 200 ° C until browning
The next Korzh author suggests doing it differently. The second strips should be oblique.
I made 4 shortcakes.
The author proposes to put the fruit in the holes, and top with cream. But it was more convenient for me to do the opposite – first spread some cream and then put sliced ​​fruit on top. I had cherries, bananas and peaches.
And from above I already covered with a cake, pressed, smeared with cream. I did not spread fruit on the top cake.
Decorated with white shanty.
And on top laid out fruit (pears, peaches, bananas and cherries)
I didn’t have any fillings for the cake (I didn’t select such a fill in any store here).
Therefore, I have it without pouring. Put in the fridge to soak and harden the cream.

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