New Recipes 2021

Sour cream with bananas

Very tasty dessert. Come to the holiday table and just to pamper your loved ones.

500 grams of sour cream,
100 grams of sugar
25 grams of chocolate
2 bananas,
a pack of gelatin.

Take sour cream (it should not be cold, about room temperature)
Add sugar and whisk thoroughly with a blender or mixer.

Gelatin pour hot water (half glass), stirring continuously, until complete dissolution of gelatin. We also give it to cool to room temperature, continuing to stir periodically.

Add gelatin to sour cream and whip.

Bananas are peeled, and cut into large pieces.

Put bananas in prepared forms or glasses.

Fill with sour cream and put in the fridge for about two hours, until it solidifies.

Chocolate shake on a fine grater and sprinkle with jelly.

Enjoy your meal!

Categories:   Main Dish