Chinese New Year 2021

Semolina sweet balls


Water – 170 g
Sugar – 200 g
Semolina – 300 g
Flour – 250 g
Ghee – 6 tbsp. l
Canned peaches – 1 can


1. Heat water, dissolve sugar in it.
2. Mix semolina with flour.
3. Add butter and knead the dough. At this stage, it should be like bread crumbs.
4. Pour the sweet water through the strainer. Knead the dough.
5. Form about 15 balls of dough and put a slice of peach in the center of each.
6. Fry the balls in deep fat.
7. When the balls turn light brown, fold them into a colander. Serve with whipped cream, sour cream sauce or peaches.

Enjoy your meal!

Recipe by: Ekaterina Dorokhova

Categories:   Main Dish