Chinese New Year 2021

Salad with sea kale (very tasty


Awesome delicious salad with sea kale !!! It seems that the composition is not sophisticated at all, but flies away from the table on “Hurray!” !!! And later they ask for more))) By the way, a wonderful way to feed the household with seaweed, if you take into account, of course, if they do not favor it. In a word – try it! And of course, help your health !!!

250 gr. canned sea kale (I buy salad in jars of sea kale, carrots and celery root)
100-150 gr. smoked sausage cheese (you can take any cheese that is in stock, but I highly recommend, if possible, try the salad with sausage)
4-5 boiled eggs
1 jar (small) of canned green peas
green onions
salt, pepper to taste

Put sea cabbage in a salad bowl, add diced eggs and cheese, as well as green peas (pre-squeezed from the liquid), and finely chopped green onions.
Season to taste with mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

All))) You can serve!

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