New Recipes 2021

Salad "Hedgehog" with chicken, mushrooms and Korean carrots

Layered salad in the form of a hedgehog. Fast, easy and tasty!


– Chicken breast (boil with spices) – 200 gr
– Mushrooms (fry) (you can pickled mushrooms) – 200 gr
– Onion (fry) – 1 pc.
– Eggs (boil hard boiled) – 3-4 pcs.
– Cheese – 250 gr
– Korean carrot – 400 gr
– Mayonnaise
– Olives
– Greenery


1. Lay all prepared products in layers to form a hedgehog body: chop fried or pickled mushrooms, chop boiled chicken breast, smear with mayonnaise, fried onions, rub boiled eggs, lubricate with mayonnaise.
2. Sprinkle muzzle with grated cheese.
3. Spout and eyes to make olives.
4. Put Korean carrot on top, put slices of longitudinally sliced ​​olives on it like needles.
5. Mushroom to make boiled eggs. A cap for white fungus can be made, for example, from half of boiled egg white, which is dipped in tea brewing.
6. Around the hedgehog greens – you can use parsley or dill, I put the lettuce, and on them – the salad itself.

Enjoy your meal!

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