Chinese New Year 2021

Royal liver

500 g of chicken liver;
3 pcs. carrots;
3 onions;
0.5 art. semolina;
0.5 art. milk;
sour cream,

washed, (remove the vein films if there is), skipped through a meat grinder,
I added semolina, milk, mixed it and put it in the fridge for 1 hour.
time diced onions, rubbed carrots on a coarse grater,
fried in vegetable oil and extinguished almost to readiness.
The form is smeared with butter, sprinkled with decoy (preferably breadcrumbs.
At the bottom laid out a layer of carrots with onions, salted, after a layer of liver, salt-pepper, pour sour cream.
Then repeat: carrots with onions, sour cream, liver and pour sour cream on top.
Sent in warmed to 180 gr. oven for 60 minutes.
After cooling, the top was smeared with lightly sour cream and sprinkled with dill and green onions.
The dish turned out to be tender, light and tasty, resembling a cake in appearance.

Categories:   Main Dish