Chinese New Year 2021

Non dull breast (chicken breast with cheese in breadcrumbs)


chicken breast – 1 pc .;
herbs dry, salt to taste;
for breading: bread-sugar mixture – 4: 1 ratio;
egg – 1 pc .;
ground pepper – to taste.


Breast repelled, putting them in a film or a bag. Salt, sprinkle with your favorite herbs. Wrap the cheese in the breast.
Make a medium-thick dough made from eggs, flour and ground pepper, very well moisten in batter.
Roll in rusks-sugar mixture.
Fry from all sides. Add some water and stew for 15 minutes under a lid. In the process of cooking, you can put slices of tomatoes without skin and greens. They will absorb both sweetness and sharpness, while they themselves will give away aromas and smells.

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