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1 liter of milk is not less than 3.5% fat
1 cup of millet
1 tsp full of salt
1-4 Art. spoons of sugar
50-100 g butter


The most important thing in this dish is millet. When buying, pay attention to the color, brighter and more yellow in quality. Be sure to look at the expiration date, so as not to buy stale millet.
Millet should be thoroughly rinsed, it should be done with hot water and repeatedly until the water is completely clean. The last time you need to pour millet with boiling water, this ensures that your porridge will not be bitter.
We take a large dish of large diameter, it can be a cast-iron pan, a metal baking pan or a low saucepan.
Pour the milk, to the edge should remain about 3 centimeters. Dissolve salt and sugar in milk. Sugar is used to taste, depending on how much you like sweets. We pour millet into the milk and immediately put a piece of butter – the preparatory stage is over.
Put the dish in the oven, heated to 200 degrees, and leave for 1.5-2 hours. You can not watch the cooking, the dish gets warm gradually, it is thickened, so the milk does not run away.
Ready millet covered with foam, as in melted milk, millet steamed to such an extent that it becomes the consistency of a cream.
We cut the millet with a spatula like a pie, while serving, you can add a little more oil (you can't spoil the porridge with butter!), But without extra fermentation everything is very tasty.

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