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Lime-mint Kurdish recipe 😎

This is a cream based on lime juice, yolks, sugar and butter. You can eat with biscuit, pancakes, and even with black bread.
Lime juice – 70g (juice of two small limes)
Mint / Melissa – 10 leaves
Sugar – 100g
Yolks – 4 pcs
Oil – 50-70g (to your taste)

Remove the zest from the lime. But only zest, without white layer, otherwise it will taste bitter. Squeeze the juice and put the zest in it. Heat, add mint. Cover with cling film. Leave for 30 minutes.
So cream will turn out with more saturated taste. Heat the juice with sugar, pour into the yolks (temper). Stir well. So the yolks get used to the temperature.

Put the mixture on the fire and brew the cream. Cream constantly interfere. Better whisk. As soon as it begins to thicken – remove from fire. Add oil.

When the cream has cooled, it will become thicker. If you then need to pour it into something, for example, in tartlets, just heat up in the microwave with short pulses of 10 seconds.
Have a good day!
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