Chinese New Year 2021

Lazy pizza with sausage


Lavash – 1 pc
Boiled sausage – 250 gr
Smoked sausage – 150 gr
Hard cheese – 100 gr
Bulgarian sweet pepper – 150 gr
Tomato – 400 gr
Ketchup – 200 gr
Mayonnaise – 200 gr
Greens – to taste


Another one of the pizza recipes for lazy people). For the preparation we need the store pita and a standard set of products: cooked and smoked sausage, cheese, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, mayonnaise, ketchup. It turns out quite edible and quickly, although I would say nothing better about the usefulness and calorie content).

1. Lavash (at least in our supermarket, it is so called) is cut in half.
2. In a separate plate mix mayonnaise and ketchup (your favorite). All thoroughly mixed. We get ketchenez).
3. Coat halves of lavash with the mixture and leave to soak aside.
4. Cut the boiled and smoked sausage into strips.
5. Bulgarian pepper and tomatoes cut into slices.
6. We rub cheese on a large grater.
7. Now let's put it all together. We put the sausage on pita bread, Bulgarian pepper and tomatoes on top.
Put a lazy pizza in the oven. Bake for 15 minutes at 220 degrees.
8. It took 15 minutes, get our lazy pizza out of the oven and sprinkle with cheese and herbs. Put the pizza in the oven for another 5 minutes.
9. Well, that's all. It took only 30 minutes, and we have already prepared a lazy pizza, which you can treat surprise guests). Serve in the evening with a cold beer or in the morning with tea or coffee.

Lazy pizza with sausage is ready. Enjoy your meal!

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