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How to quickly make cake brownies for cake

Cakes for cake in the amount of nine to ten pieces can be prepared in just half an hour.
Then beat or boil the cream, fluff cakes and get a delicious cake.

Ingredients: two hundred grams of sour cream and one teaspoon of soda
food, plus two hundred grams of sugar and three cups of flour.

Preparation: sour cream is transferred to the container
glass, add soda and sour cream mixed with soda. Sour cream from the effects of soda begins to react violently, bubbles appear on the surface.

Further, sugar is poured into sour cream, a minute.
mixed, then all the flour is poured in portions. You can spoon
mix in the first stage of kneading, but in the end the dough is very dense, so you need to knead it manually.

From the dough ball molded
nine – ten small balls, a thin circle is rolled out from each ball of dough with a rolling pin, a plate is applied, the remains are cut off in diameter. All cakes are alternately baked in a skillet! In a dry skillet, the level of fire should be minimal. Cakes for cake ready. Lubricate them with cream and enjoy a delicious homemade cake.

Enjoy your meal!

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