Chinese New Year 2021

Honey Puff

Dough: 200 g margarine
-1 stacked sour cream
-2-3 eggs
-1 tsp soda (not baking powder)
-2 tbsp honey
-Hook (to the consistency is very soft, so that you can only collect in a bun, dough)

Melt the honey on a small fire with soda until brown – watch, stir, or it will be foam – you will not notice and burn it). Beat eggs with sour cream (sugar is not needed – I have a sweet cream. Who loves well, very sweet, put 3-4 spoons). Add margarine a little melted, but not melted. Knead the dough with flour. Do not immediately put a lot of flour-gradually, as the dough thickens, throw it on the table with flour and knead. Strong and do not press for a long time, all quickly.
Make a thick sausage and divide it into pieces (I got a cake of 7 pieces with a diameter of 24 cm). Put the pieces in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

CREAM: the original was custard. I did not have time to brew and cool it.
I did this:

1 cup of sour cream + 1 cup of sugar, beat with a mixer.
200 g of oil whisk separately to a magnificent state. In butter, whipping, pour sour cream.
When making any butter cream, it is necessary that the products be at the same temperature (so that the oil does not peel off with flakes). Remove the butter and sour cream from the refrigerator at the same time.

Dough pieces get one at a time and roll into a thin crust — it is not necessary that it be lit, thicker a bit than on dumplings. Sheet does not lubricate. sprinkle with flour.
Oven at 180-200 gr until golden brown, baked quickly.
Cakes will be soft. Trim on a plate. Sandwiched cream layers with cream (so that the oil does not leak).
Redden trim well in the oven, scroll through a meat grinder and sprinkle the cake.
Leave it on the table for 2-3 hours for impregnation.
Then in the fridge.

Did in the evening, in the morning you can already have I like it more when I get it in advance so that I stand on the table for 15-20 minutes.

Have a nice tea party!

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