New Recipes 2021

Homemade Melted Cheese

-400 gr cottage cheese
-50 grams of butter
-1 egg
-1 teaspoon soda
salt to taste
– spices to taste

1. Cottage cheese, preferably homemade, is rubbed with a spoon through a sieve. In theory, it is possible through a meat grinder, but it seemed to me that it would be more tender. Yes, and in the old recipe was written like this.
2. Then add to the cottage cheese egg, butter, soda, salt.
3. Put the cauldron with this mixture on a small fire and start to knead it all up to a homogeneous mass with a spoon. Along the way, add spices – I sprinkled dried basil. If you want to give the melted cheese a yellowish color, add turmeric.
4. We interfere continuously until the mass finally melts and the first bubbles appear. If you perederzhat on fire, water can begin to separate and the processed cheese will turn out on a consistency similar to cheese.
5. Pour mass into the bowl, let cool. Cream cheese is ready. I note that the quality of the curd is very important. If the cream cheese is too thin, try adding cream next time.

Enjoy your meal!

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