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Homemade hard cheese with greens

Already cooked this cheese several times and it never turns out the same, but always very tasty! Preparing is simple, but you can experiment with fillers – greens, cumin, bell pepper …

Milk – 1 L
Cottage cheese – 600 g
Egg – 1 pc
Butter – 120 g
Salt – 1 tsp.

First of all I want to say that the products, as a rule, I use the store. But the milk must be taken pasteurized – not sterilized and not ultra pasteurized.
Yes, the usual store products. I think that Russia has very good dairy products. At least for now .. I buy cottage cheese and Prostokvashino milk. No palm oil is there.
1. Pour the milk into the pan, put the cottage cheese and mix (well, if it is dishes with a thick bottom). We put on a slow fire.
2. We are waiting for the serum to separate. Sometimes the serum is separated immediately, and sometimes you have to wait. Perhaps it depends on the acid of the curd.
3. As soon as the serum has separated, turn off the fire.

4. Colander lay with two layers of gauze and recline the resulting curd mass. Give the serum to drain.
Only do not throw out the serum! It makes gorgeous pancakes and bread.

5. When the glass is whey, we transfer it to the curd mass in a saucepan, add an egg, softened butter, salt and greens.

6. Put the pot on a small fire and stir the mixture constantly. Here we do not move away from the plate for a second.
7. As soon as the mass began to melt and drag on behind a spoon, turn off the fire.

8. We shift the cheese in the form, let it cool, and then put in the fridge.
After 1-2 hours you can eat.

Author: Lyudmila Semenyuk

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