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Homemade cake with amazing taste

After trying once, now I cook all the time!


● 3 eggs
● 1 tbsp. Sahara
● 3 tbsp. l thick cream
● 3 tbsp. l cocoa powder
● 1 tbsp. flour
● 1 tbsp. l baking powder


● 1 tbsp. semolina
● 3/4 Art. Sahara
● 250 g butter
● 3 tbsp. of milk


● 1 pack of unsalted crackers (cookies)
● 0.5 liters of boiled condensed milk
● 200 g roasted peanuts


1. Start by making the dough. Separate the yolks from proteins. Beat whites with sugar, gradually stirring the yolks. Keep whipping.

2. Mix cocoa with sour cream, add to beaten eggs. Add flour and baking powder. Knead everything well, divide the mixture in half. Pour it into a greased baking dish. Bake in the oven at 180 ° C for half an hour. It should make two shortcakes. Let them cool.

3. Prepare the first cream. Prepare semolina porridge with milk, add sugar to it. Let the porridge cool, then stir in the butter.

4. Prepare the second cream. Grind cookies (crackers) and mix it with condensed milk and peanuts.

5. Fold the cake: first put the first cake, distribute it with half of the first cream, put the second cream on it, again spread the remaining first cream and cover it with the cake at the end.

6. Melt chocolate with a high content of cocoa in a water bath (it is also possible in a microwave oven) and cake fields. Decorate the cake at will.
Enjoy your meal!
Those who once tasted this cake celebrate its incredible taste. All ingredients can be purchased at the nearest store. Preparing such a dessert for your relatives is definitely worth it!
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