Chinese New Year 2021

Home Sherbet

We will need:
0.5 l. – sour cream (fat content does not matter much),
1 kg. – sugar,
200 g – condensed. a pier (not boiled) or molasses,
nuts – 500 gr. (any, to your taste) I added peanuts, vanilla -2 bags and a pinch of salt.

Let's start.
Prepare the nuts. Pre-they need to fry (I do it in the microwave). Put sugar, sour cream, salt in the enameled container and mix, then put on medium heat and cook constantly stirring until golden brown (that is, as it starts to darken) put condensed. milk and nuts are still stirring. cook until the color that suits you better (I am a little under-cooked) it turned out to be such a color. We add vanillin at the end of cooking and pour it over silicone molds, those who do not have silicone, is not scary, grease any pan and or dish with sunflower oil and boldly pour out.
Have a nice tea party !!!

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