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I have been using this proven recipe for about fifteen years, and everyone who tried this sausage asked to teach it to cook, and then wondered why it was so simple. Therefore, I share the recipe with pleasure with everyone: cook, feed your loved ones tasty and useful (for now only lazy does not argue about the dangers of store sausage).

Beef liver – 500 g
Salo – 500 g
Garlic – 3 tooth.
Flour – 1.5 tbsp. (200 ml)
Starch – 0.5 tbsp. (200 ml)
Egg – 4 pcs.
Salt – to taste
Pepper Mix – to taste
Sour cream – 2 tbsp. optional

So, homemade liver sausage, in fact, is prepared from a minimum set of products. No, you can certainly add spices and herbs to your taste, adding flavor accents, but the basis will be elementary: lard and liver. Liver and fat are taken in equal proportions, in this case, half a kilo.

I always use only beef liver for this sausage. I think that pork will do as well, I just have not tried. But the chicken will definitely be good – my godfather was cooking according to my recipe – it turned out great (only the cooking time should be slightly reduced).

Salo for this dish, I buy the simplest, do not need a beautiful, thick, with the obligatory interlayers. It is enough to choose fresh fat. Moreover, it is not necessary to pay attention even to the skin: it will be hard or soft, in this case does not concern us.

From spices I used a basic minimum: salt and freshly ground pepper mixture. Everything!

Incidentally, in the basic recipe of this nuance was not, but I will write: add a couple of spoons of sour cream – it turns out very tasty!

To begin, prepare the liver. How to do this, I already wrote in the recipe for liver cake. Quickly and simply scald the liver with boiling water and remove all films. Cut the liver into pieces, convenient for further processing.

Now we are for fat. We cut off the skin from the whole piece – we will not need it. Divide a piece of bacon into two equal parts. One of them should be temporarily sent to the freezer, and the second part should be arbitrarily chopped.

Now the liver and half of the fat should be chopped. You can do this in a meat grinder, and you can – like mine this time – in a food processor.

Just a couple of minutes – and you get the perfect stuffing!

It's time to get the remaining piece of bacon from the freezer. It needs to be cut into small cubes. That is why we froze a little fat – so it will be much easier to chop it.

However, especially zealous in cutting absolutely correct cubes of fat is not at all necessary. In the sausage will look beautiful all the cubes that you get.

Combine in a large bowl, liver mince and sliced ​​lard. Salt and pepper to taste.

Now add eggs, flour and starch, sour cream as desired. Prescription eggs had to be taken 5 pieces, but I often make it from 4 eggs (I don’t notice the difference at all!). And – again! – The basic recipe is about 2 cups of flour. But I have long replaced part of the starch. You can cook both this way and that way.

Stir the stuffing well, add chopped garlic. And be sure to try. I always try raw mince. A little lick – and immediately it is clear whether the salt and pepper guessed, or maybe it should be corrected?

Now an important point: we need to turn the minced meat into sausage. To do this, take the 6 most ordinary food bags. If you think that you can not cook in food bags, take any other available materials. But how many years I have been doing this, and everything is always great!

So, lay out half of the stuffing in a bag, gently expel the air from the bag and tie it at the very end, leaving room for our future sausage to grow. Now we put this “gift bag” in the bag, expel the air again, tied it again at the very end. Once again. Total: half stuffing packed in three bags. We do the same with the second half of minced meat.

We will need a large saucepan (I used the 5 liter saucepan), pour more than half of cold water into it, drop packages with minced meat into this cold (!) Water, lightly cover with a lid and set on slow fire. As soon as the water boils, remove the lid and cook the sausage for about 2 hours.

As you can see, the preparation process takes about 15 minutes. And if you use a food processor or an electric meat grinder instead of a conventional meat grinder, then even less. In the meantime, the sausage itself (!) Is cooked, you can do a lot of useful things, or just relax at your pleasure.

After 2 hours, we get packages with finished sausage. Cut the packaging, free the sausage. It must be completely cooled so that the sausage is then cut well and smoothly. However, in my home it is not always possible to wait for the favorite dish to cool completely.

Once I deliberately weighed the resulting two sausages – it came out not a lot, not a little: almost two kilograms! So, this recipe is not only simple in execution, but also very budget!

The sausage is incredibly tasty – dense in texture, delicate in taste, easily cut and eats quickly.

You can put on the bread, adding to the sandwich a leaf of lettuce, greens or vegetables. Easy to take with you to work.

And we most liked the version with horseradish. A little pink horseradish on sausage or bread – how delicious it is! Now all the pink horseradish was eaten, so they began to eat with white – great!

Good appetite! Be sure to try to cook such a homemade liver sausage.

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