New Recipes 2021


Minced pork 500g.
rice 200g
2pcs onions
egg 1pcs.morkovka 2pcs
sour cream 200g
2pcs tomato
spices, salt, herbs to taste.

Cooking method:
Cook rice to the state of aldente, mix with minced meat,
onions (cut into small cubes), carrots (on a fine grater), egg, spices, salt. We form hedgehogs and put them in a deep frying pan … add water until the middle of the hedgehogs and cook on gas min. 20.
At this time we are preparing the sauce: scald the tomatoes, remove the skin, grate and add sour cream, a couple of cloves of garlic. Fill the hedgehogs with the sauce on top and simmer another min.20.
When the hedgehogs are ready to put on a plate, and add a tablespoon of flour diluted in water to the sauce, bring to the boil and pour over the hedgehogs sauce, sprinkle with greens ..

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