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Goulash with gravy and mashed potatoes in the garden


– Beef – 0.5 kg.
– Onion – 1 pc.
– Barking – 1 piece (it is possible without it)
– Flour – 1 tbsp. l
-Tom. pasta – 1 tsp
– You can sour cream – 1 tbsp. l (I have without her)
– Laurel leaf – 1 pc.
– Salt to taste – 0.5 tsp approximately


Cut the meat into small pieces, lightly fry (you can not fry, but immediately add a little boiling water to the meat) and stew with onions and grated carrots in their own juice on a low heat, pouring a little into the pot. oils.
Then add a small amount of water. Well, let's say, a pound of meat is a glass of water. Stew until meat is cooked (ie, until soft). The meat should be lightly covered with broth. 10 minutes before the meat is ready, salt to taste, put bay leaf – 1 pc. and can be 3 pcs. peppercorns. Meat is different. Therefore, the cooking time may also be different. But usually about an hour, no less (if it is beef or pork, not chicken). Readiness is checked with a knife or fork.
Then dilute in half a glass of warm water – 1 tsp liter of pasta, Art. a spoonful of flour and art. a spoon of sour cream (you can without it, I have without …).
Mix well in a glass so that there are no lumps. I always do this with a fork. Stir in the goulash continuously, pour the mixture into it. Goulash eyes begin to thicken. Extinguish a little (5-10 minutes) Meat is ready. If the water is boiled off when extinguishing, you can top it up. And if suddenly the goulash turned out to be too thick, you can also dilute with boiling water to the desired thickness.
Boil the potatoes in water. Water is drained, but not completely, so that there is not much left on the bottom. Mash the potatoes well in the broth. Only when the potatoes are well mashed, add hot milk, salt and butter to taste. With broth mashed potatoes easier, not viscous and tastier. Children eat mashed potatoes well.
Bon appetit to you and your children!

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