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Egyptian Fytyr

Auto recipe Eugene, I express my deep gratitude for such a chic recipe !!!
For the test
1 tbsp. of milk
1/2 tsp dry yeast
1 egg, a little salt.
2.5 -3 tbsp. flour (I have a little more)
250 g butter
1 egg
1 st.sahara (180-200gr)
3 tbsp starch
2 tbsp milk
Grind the egg with sugar and starch into a thick white mass, dissolve with warm milk, put on a small fire and bring to a boil and the desired density with constant stirring.
Dissolve the yeast in warm milk, add the egg, salt and flour, knead the soft dough. Divide it into 2 parts, roll each into a layer and lubricate with soft butter. Then roll the layer into a roll, which, in turn, is twisted into a snail. Pack tightly both snails are in food grade polyethylene and sent to the shelf of the refrigerator for 2 hours, a maximum of 4.. but for now let's do the mahalubia (cream). And so, our mahalubia is ready and cooled to a warm state. We get our dough out of the fridge..not messing !!! Immediately, we roll it out into 2 layers .. Thickness is about 2-3 mm .. We put it on a baking sheet covered with paper, lay out the filling on top of the magalabium, level, the second layer is slightly larger, so that the ends could be 2 cm tucked under our bottom plast. Just poke the top of the fytyr with a fork and grease it with beaten yolk with a small amount of milk. Put the oven in a well warmed up to 180 degrees and bake for 25-30 minutes until it has a beautiful ruddy color. as warm when the filling is not frozen, and cold nym.
Enjoy your meal !!!

The author: Veronika Kramar

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