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Delicious meatballs

Farsh 500 gr
-2 small bulbs
-4 garlic tooth
slice of white bread soaked in milk
– salt, pepper to taste
-dried greens 2 tsp.
– marrow large 1 pc
– bow 2 pieces
– sour cream 3 tbsp. l
– milk 50 ml
-water 100-150ml
– dried greens

finely chopped, lightly squeeze the bread, garlic through the garlic press.
Mix with minced meat, salt, pepper, add greens, mix,
to beat off about a bowl or a board that forcemeat became more uniform and more dense.
Form cutlets, roll in flour, fry until cooked.
grate carrot sauce, onion cut into cubes, fry until golden
colors, add water, sour cream and milk, dried greens, salt,
Spice up. Put out. Transfer to cutlets.

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