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Delicious cucumbers (with citric acid)

I have been closing these cucumbers for many years and we all like them very much, everyone who tried it asks for the recipe! They are crispy and extremely tasty!

So, in sterilized jars (you can sterilize putting a jar on the hole in the kettle, or on a special lid for sterilization that is put on the pan) lay out the cucumbers (washed, I also always cut off their tails, then just eat and cut nothing) a few rings of bitter paprika, a few peas of allspice, a couple of pieces of bell pepper, dill umbrellas, cherry leaves, currants, you can cut flowers from carrot slices (well, this is for beauty), you can just circles, garlic.

Fill jars with boiling water cucumbers, cover with lids. We are waiting for 15-20 minutes. Drain the water, boil it again, pour it into jars. We are waiting for 15-20 minutes. Again, we pour out the water, put it on the fire and make brine. Brine: 1.5 liters. water (just as much holds in 3 liters. jar) 4 tsp. salt, 8 tsp Sahara. All this leaves for about 5 minutes, pour the pickle in jars and add 1 tsp. citric acid (3 l. jar-1 tsp.).

Roll up Flip the jars. Wrap to cool.
Citric acid cucumbers are the most delicious in my opinion. Much tastier than with vinegar. Try it for sure!
Good appetite!

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