Chinese New Year 2021

Corn Sticks Cake

– 150 g marmalade
– 200 g peeled walnuts
– 2.5 packs of sweet corn sticks 70 g each
– 175 g butter
– 1 can of boiled condensed milk

Corn sticks pour in deep dishes.
There also add melted butter and boiled condensed milk. Stir well, slightly kneading and breaking sticks with your hands.
Cut marmalade into arbitrary straws or cubes. Add the marmalade to the bowl of chopsticks and mix gently.
Crush walnuts.
From the resulting mass form an oblong loaf. Roll it in a nut crumb. Wrap in cellophane or foil and send for half an hour in the freezer.
Then remove and cut slices across.

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