Chinese New Year 2021

Chocolate coconut roll

Cookies (sugar) -300 gr.
Oil plum.100 gr.
Condensed milk (var.) – 100 gr.
Powder sah.-50 gr.
Coconut chips-30 gr.
Cocoa-2 stol.l.
1. Grind cookies with a blender + cocoa + 50 gr. drain butter + condensed milk. Mix well.
2.Struzhka + sakh. powder + 50 gr. oil drain.
3. Lay the table with food film, put dark dough on it, gently roll it out with a rolling pin, white on top.
4. With the help of the film roll into a roll.
5. Remove in the hc for 5 hours.

The author: Svetlana Golubeva

Categories:   Main Dish