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Chicken cutlets "Tenderness"


2 medium chicken fillets
100 grams of kefir (or 2-3 spoons of mayonnaise)
100 grams of cheese
2-3 tablespoons starch
1 small onion (can be without)
Greens – I took half a bunch of dill and parsley, you can and without
salt, spices – to taste
cooking oil for frying


Chicken fillet cut into cubes. It is not necessary to shallow much.
Cheese cut into the same cubes, or smaller.
If you decide to add onions, then it should be finely chopped.

Add kefir, starch, salt and spices

Put less salt than usual – the cheese itself already “gives salt”
Now all you need to mix and add chopped greens

Here is a stuffing I have turned

You need to fry over medium heat.
You can spread with a spoon like pancakes, and you can and so

Cutlets are fried very quickly.

By the way, eaten even faster.

From this portion I got 15 medium chops

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