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Such pasties, also called "Crimean", are prepared according to a special recipe. The whole secret of their preparation of the dough. It turns out puff. Until you cook, you will not understand, but it’s worth a try, so get acquainted with the recipe for cooking. This is delicious! Believe it!


One serving will be small, so cook two at once.

So, you need to take

– 3 cups flour,

– 1 chicken egg (yolk),

– 1/3 cup of vegetable oil,

– 3/4 glasses of water,

– 0.5 tbsp

Stuffing is usual, the secret of these pasties in dough, so the stuffing for them can be taken according to your taste (minced 70% pork, 30% beef) – 1 kg. Naturally, onion, salt and pepper are added to the mince.

Flour we fall asleep in a bowl (you can sift).

Separate the yolk from the protein. Put the yolk in a glass and add water to 3/4 cup, salt and mix.

We pour this mixture in a thin stream into the flour, gradually stirring the flour in a circular motion until “flour flakes” begin to form.

Now pour the vegetable oil and briefly knead the dough.

Now look at the dough: if it is cool, add a little more water. It should immediately be seen that the dough turned out a little puff.

Put the dough in the bag and let it lie there for 30-40 minutes. Now you can sculpt chebureks in the usual way for you. Then we fry them from 2 sides and “Crimean pasties” are ready.

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