New Recipes 2021

Cake without baking

Very affordable, low-cost cake.
Nourishing, wet, sooo SWEET !!!

300 gr. drain oils
300 gr. cookies,
1 stack nuts,
0.5 stack Sahara,
1 can of condensed milk,
4 tbsp. cocoa,
200 gr. chocolate

Crumble cookies and nuts, but not quite finely.
Melt the butter, add sugar, condensed milk and cocoa.
After the butter has melted, heat over low heat
5-8 minutes, without stopping stirring.
Cookies, nuts and a warm sweet mass should be mixed well and
put on a dish.
Pour the cake with melted chocolate.
Top with half walnuts.
Put in cold-to for impregnation.

Categories:   Main Dish