Chinese New Year 2021

Breast in oatmeal

🔸There are 100 grams – 88.24 kcal: 🔸 Proteins- 15.53 🔸 Fats – 1.6🔸 Carbohydrates – 2.64🔸

– chicken breast 400 gr;
– kefir 1% 200ml;
– whole shallow, but requiring long boiling 50g;
-aprica, optional;
– mix from dry herbs;
Salt and spices to taste.

1. Wash the breast, cut into long pieces, not very thick.
2. Fill with kefir, add salt and spices to taste, leave to marinate in the refrigerator. Preferably more than an hour.
3. Oatmeal (if it was not possible to find small, then literally we pray for a second, do not bring it to flour) mix it with herbs and paprika.
4. We roll the breasts in the resulting oatmeal lotion and send them to a preheated oven, on a baking sheet or in a pot, bake for 20 minutes at 180 °.

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