Chinese New Year 2021


Take a bowl and knock out 1 egg, add 150 g of sugar, and beat with a spoon until white, add 100 grams of vegetable oil and beat again. Now add 200 ml of milk and beat again with a spoon or a whisk. Pour 300 grams of flour and 1 hour l with a baking powder bowl. Thoroughly knead everything so that there are no lumps. It takes me about 5 minutes in total, and pour the dough into the water (we call it beautiful here!). If the form is silicone or covered with baking paper, then it is not even necessary to lubricate it, if not, grease with oil and slightly tart with flour or bread crumbs.

Now lay the berries on the dough, adding them a little. I have cherry, raspberry and white, red currant

Sprinkle with sugar on top, somewhere 1-1.5 tbsp and send to the oven at 200 degrees for 25-30 minutes, but still look at your oven. We take out and cut into pieces. I do not even wait for it to cool down – once and eaten! And with cold kompotikom or milk, mmmmmm, just superb!

This cake is equally good with any berries and fruit! Always a win-win!

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