New Recipes 2021



Margarine (room temperature) – 200 g
Egg yolk – 1 pc
Sour cream (kefir, sour milk) – 100 ml
Salt (pinch) – 1 g
Flour – 500 g


We send margarine or butter into flour, you can take 100 g of each product. We turn everything into a crumb, it is done rather quickly, with our hands.
Then add the yolk and sour cream (or kefir – that is).

Knead the dough. If the dough is sticky, pour the flour.
Sent to the fridge. Our dough is ready.


Now you can make cookies, pies, whatever.
Let's make the most delicious cookies that can only be melted in the mouth, and the caramel crust crunches so nicely …
Just cut off a piece of dough and roll out.
Using a pizza cutter cut into triangles and diamonds. If it is thinner, then there will be less layers, if it is thicker, then there will be more. layers

Separately, in the bowl send the remaining protein from the dough and sugar separately, around the glass.

Sprinkle the baking tray with flour and dip each triangle into protein, and then put sugar on one side and put the dry side down on the baking sheet so that the sugar is on top. From this norm of the test 4 baking sheets of cookies turn out. We bake until golden brown at 180C.
We get these delicious crunches.

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