Chinese New Year 2021

A little bit about porridge

Cook tips

🔸 Especially about rice milk porridge I want to finally tell.

Why is she at home such as in the garden does not work. Because there porridge cooked like this:

Sugar-salt was added to boiling milk and rice was poured. Brought to a boil (if the volume is small, then boil a minute from the force) and removed from the stove. Add oil and cover with a lid.
After 20-30 minutes, the rice itself was quite swollen. He finally reached the marmite.

🔸 If you want to cook a normal milk porridge at home – just do not try to cook it right away until it is ready. Remove from the stove before it burns)) It’s easier for you))
Take more milk in proportion. Boil the cereal in milk after boiling for 1-2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then remove the pan and place in a warm place. You can even cover with something. After some time, the croup will swell up and you will get tasty and thick porridge. Thick, not lump, in which the spoon is not turned.

So sometimes I pour buckwheat in the evening with water – it swells up, and in the morning I just bring it to a boil – that's all, the porridge is ready.

🔸 Hercules also boil very liquid – 7-8 tablespoons of cereal per liter of milk. Then immediately in a ceramic bowl and pour it under the film or cover. I leave for the night – in the morning I get beautiful and tasty porridge. Which can be heated in the microwave.

🔸 semolina – per liter – 4 tablespoons. Manke is enough to simmer a couple of minutes and wait 20 minutes after taking off the stove.

🔸 Rice (it is better to take round porridge) in the proportion of a glass of cereals per liter of milk.

🔸 And somehow in the village I was eating a delightful barley. Peeped as Peter cooks it. In the evening, the stove is heated (and not a Russian, but a stove). He washes a few handfuls of barley, puts it in a cast-iron duck, and there is water, salt, and oil (if the post is vegetable). Cover and put in a cooling oven. Until morning. And in the morning she gets a beautiful, still warm porridge. You can not get it behind your ears!

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