Chinese New Year 2021

White Night Salad


200g pickled mushrooms
2 medium onions (fry)
2 medium potatoes (boil in “uniform”)
1 raw carrot
300 g of any cooked meat (you can tongue)
250 g of hard cheese mayonnaise and sour cream (to taste)


1. Finely chop the mushrooms, put in a salad bowl. Chop onions and fry to grow. Allow oil to cool and drain.
2. Put on mushrooms (in fact, I do not like fried onions in salads, but in this recipe it is very useful, because mushrooms are not fried, but pickled and fried onions give mushrooms a taste)
3. Brush with sauce (sour cream + mayonnaise). Peel potatoes, grate on a coarse grater. Grease with sauce
4. Grate carrots and grease. Meat cut into small pieces and lay on the carrot, grease with sauce. Grate cheese on top
5. You can decorate with lemon slices and greens
Delicious salad!

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