Chinese New Year 2021

we learn how to cook bacon in onion peel.

The recipe is simply amazing with its simplicity and budget set of products, and the delicacy is still one! ))

I cook for this recipe for fat for several years and it always turns out to be delicious!

We will need:

■ 1 kg of fat with meat layer
■ 5-6 cloves of garlic
■ husks from 7-10 onions
■ 1 cup of salt
■ 1 l of water
■ 3-4 bay leaves
■ 4-6 pcs. allspice


Now we proceed to the process. Pour water into a saucepan and pour all the salt into it. When the water boils, we throw in the hot pickle the washed onion peel and cook for ten minutes. Add lard to the boiling brine so that it is completely covered with water. Again, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and leave to cook for another ten minutes.
Then turn off the gas and leave the fat to cool in onion brine for about 15 minutes. So it will get a brighter and more juicy tint. Remove the fat from the brine and leave it on a plate until it cools completely.

During this time we will deal with spices, flavors: peel the garlic, chop it up, break the bay leaf, crush the pea pepper.

Use a sharp knife to make small cuts in fat and rub the piece with spices so that they fall inside. Then wrap the fat in foil and put in the freezer.

Enjoy your meal!

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