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4 glasses of sugar

4 glasses of water

4 cups of berries

4 glasses of vodka

Sugar is filled with warm boiled water so that it does not sink to the bottom, but is evenly distributed. Then we fall asleep the washed and dried berries entirely, not mashed. Feijoa is the only berry that needs to be cut into halves, and if large, then quarters. Now it remains to add vodka and be patient.

This amount of liquid is poured into a glass jar (it should be enough for a three-liter butt), cover with a capron lid and hide in a dark place. Will power we train 10 days, not less. And better – 2 weeks. That is, if, for example, on December 15, to build a liqueur, then the New Year will be damn tasty in all respects.

During this time, the fruit will share the color, aroma, juice, and settle to the bottom. Carefully, in order not to disturb the sediment, pour the clear, like spring water, pouring into another bowl. You can pour it into anything, but best of all, it retains its properties in a glass container. Pot-bellied bottles with massive ground-in lids will be most welcome.

Ultimately, the strength of such a liqueur will be in the range of 18-22 degrees depending on the berries. Rowan softer it turns out, cherry, if a cherry with a bone, – stronger. Home alcohol in any company with a bang will: it pleases the eye, sweetens the taste buds. And most importantly – no matter how much he drank, the next morning is as fresh as a cucumber.

By the way, if you like drinks stronger, you can use alcohol or well-purified home brew. The proportions should remain the same, but the degree noticeably creeps upwards. In a hurry, you can prepare the tincture. For example, throw in a bottle of vodka a handful of orange peels, slightly dried in the open air. No worse than Cointreau, you get a drink! And if you add a couple of spoons of honey, it will be a pleasure to drink.

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