New Recipes 2021

Veal in Italian in 15 minutes


Veal (tenderloin) 500 g
Parma ham 12 slices
Sage fresh 15 leaves
Dry white wine 125 ml
Vegetable oil for frying
Salt, pepper to taste
Fresh basil 6 leaves

Meat cut into thin slices across the fibers. Cover with cling film and repel to a thin schnitzel. Salt, pepper.

For each piece, put two slices of Parma ham and on a sage leaf, fold the meat in half, fasten with toothpicks. Pin a leaf of basil on top.

Fry the meat slices in a heated pan with vegetable oil. It is necessary to fry from two sides to a brown crust, while the meat inside will remain soft and juicy.

Enjoy your meal!

Categories:   Light Snack