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TOP – 3 pasta recipes that you like exactly

1. Fettuccine Alfredo

A seemingly simple recipe originally from Rome carries a few secrets. In the preparation of fettuccine Alfredo – a classic pasta with cream sauce with parmesan cheese and spices – it is very important to calculate the time so that fettuccines are neither too soft nor too hard.


Fettucine on egg base – 1 pack
Butter – 200 g
Fatty cream – 200 ml
Garlic salt – 1 pinch
Pepper to taste
Grated parmesan cheese – 125 g
Grated romano cheese – 200 g


1. Boil fettucine to the state of “al dente” (about 8–10 minutes).
2. During this time, prepare the sauce by melting butter in cream over high heat. Add salt and pepper, stir in grated romano cheese and grated parmesan cheese, mix the sauce until thick, and stir in the prepared pasta.
Serve with grated parmesan.

2. Pasta Carbonara

Another classic Roman recipe, which is impossible to pass without licked. The main ingredients in pasta Carbonara are egg yolk and bacon – it is thanks to them that it acquires its unforgettable flavor.


Spaghetti – 400 g
Egg yolks – 5 pcs.
Shredded Parmesan Cheese – 80 g
Grated parmesan cheese for decoration – 20 g
Bacon or pancetta – 250 g
Garlic – 1 head
Salt – 1 pinch
Pepper to taste
Olive oil – optional


1. Put the yolks in a bowl, add the grated parmesan, salt and pepper, and then beat well with a fork.
2. Cut off the fat from the bacon or pancetta and finely chop the meat.
3. Boil spaghetti in salted water until al dente. At this time, fry bacon (or pancetta) with garlic cloves in garlic for 4 minutes in a deep frying pan with olive oil.
4. Drain the cooked spaghetti, leaving some water. Remove and discard the garlic cloves, add cooked spaghetti, mix in the oil with bacon, add the egg mixture and water from the spaghetti, mixing thoroughly. The paste should slide. Serve with grated parmesan.

3. Pasta Bolognese

The classic pasta recipe with tomato-meat sauce, saving in any situation, everyone loves – from young to old. Most often, the recipe uses spaghetti, but fragrant and nutritious sauce is good with other types of pasta.


Olive oil – 1 tbsp. l
Onions – 2 pcs.
Carrots – 2 pcs.
Celery stalks – 2 pcs.
Garlic – 1 head
Rosemary – 2-3 sprigs
Ground Beef – 500 g
Tomatoes – 2 cans
Basil – 1 bunch
Oregano – 1 tsp.
Tomato paste – 2 tbsp. l
Beef broth cubes – 1 pc.
Red chili – to taste
Red wine – 125 ml
Cherry tomatoes – 6 pcs.
Parmesan cheese – 75 g
Spaghetti – 400 g


1. Pour oil into a deep stewpot and put on a strong fire. Add finely chopped onion, carrot, celery, garlic and rosemary leaves and mix on the fire for 2-3 minutes, then reduce the heat to medium and continue to stir for about 5-7 minutes.
2. Increase the heat again, add the mince and cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring constantly, until the meat darkens. Add canned tomatoes, finely chopped basil, oregano, tomato paste, broth cube, chopped chili peppers, wine and cherry tomatoes. Stir all over medium heat with a wooden spoon.
3. Bring to a boil, then reduce to low heat, cover the sauce with the lid and cook for about 1 hour, stirring occasionally.
4. When the sauce is almost ready, cook the pasta according to the instructions. Drain the pasta and mix in the sauce, add the grated parmesan and mix well again. When serving, sprinkle with grated parmesan on top.

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