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This salat "The Bride" on the field, already surpassed the fur coat and Olivier,


Salad "Bride" – a festive, beautiful, gentle, airy. It's all without
exaggerations. Try this amazing salad at your leisure, like
all without exception, who tries. Smoked chicken can be replaced by fried
or stewed chicken leg – it will taste better. Than boiled fillet. Mayonnaise,
preferably, take a low-calorie meal. Dare to try a new tasty

300g smoked chicken
4 eggs
1 cream cheese "Friendship"
Potatoes 2 pcs.
Onion to taste, better onion, can be green

How to cook salad "Bride"
with smoked chicken:

1. We boil eggs and potatoes until done, cut chicken into small ones.

2. We will rub the potatoes on a coarse grater, cheese – fine, yolks and
squirrels – separately.

3. Onion is better to use onion, pre-pickled it (finely
cut and for 10-20 minutes pour a mixture of vinegar 1 tbsp. l and hot water)

4. To rub each layer of products you need on weight above the plate (or flat
dish) so that the salad comes out really airy and tender. We spread
salad "Bride" layers, making between them a mayonnaise grid.

1st layer: chicken, mayonnaise
2nd: onion
3rd: potatoes, mayonnaise
4th: yolks
5th: processed cheese, mayonnaise
6th: squirrels.

As you can see, mayonnaise is not after each layer. If desired, you can layers
repeat one more time.

Allow the salad to soak for several hours.

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