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Temporal Rolls

Economical, satisfying, tasty!

Ingredients :
– Rice (the easiest round) -1 glass
– Nori seaweed 3 leaves
– Fish (I chose the cheapest, pink salmon, took frozen, salted the tail part, just fried the rest, and all the fish cost me 80-90 rubles, I think there is a price difference with trout or salmon)
– Cheese (the simplest processed cheese Druzhba, Sunny, Yantar, etc., you can use regular cheese of any kind, grams 150)
– Cucumber 1 pc

Cucumber and cheese cut into strips.
Nori cut into two parts.
Mat for convenience, we insert in a plastic bag
On the fish, as I said before, I saved it, and in these rolls, the difference between pink salmon and trout is not particularly noticeable. pickle quite simply

Further, as always, we put rice on one side (wetting our hands with water) and then turn them over, but before putting the rice on the surface, you need to moisten the surface a little, then we still put it according to the standard, we twist it.

It is best to give our "sausage" a square shape.
Ready-cut bars cut in half for convenience.

I used the simplest batter – egg and pan crackers (it is still tasty to use sesame seed instead of crackers, or you can mix everything).

Fry from 4 sides until golden brown.

To use, preferably as usual using soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi (for an amateur), well, drinking all freshly brewed beer

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